This Sunday at 10:00am | Opera Memphis

Every journey or adventure is really about what you become along the way.  This is how we define our journey at engage church: engage people with love, help our community move forward, follow Jesus, and change the world.These are the things we want to do and to be described by as we…engage, help, follow, and change.

Welcome to Engage Church

Engage Church is not a place; it’s a movement. The church was never meant to be a building. The church was a collection of various people from their local community, coming together, discovering who God is. We are here to help people from all walks of life engage each other and move forward with Jesus.


"This place has been a refuge for me because the people here love me for who I am. It doesn't matter where you come from, you are accepted the way you are."


"Engage has a welcoming atmosphere, with a centric for Christ and worship."

An intentionally diverse faith community.


Your Next Step

Join us this Sunday at 10:00am where we will have an encouraging message, inspiring worship, a kid’s environment your children will never want to leave, and perhaps the best church community in Memphis, TN.

OPERA MEMPHIS CENTER                6745 WOLF RIVER BLVD            Memphis, Tennessee 38120
(901) 383-1626

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