Students are the lifeblood of Engage Church

Student Ministry at Engage

Our student ministry is uniquely designed with your 6th - 12th grader in mind! We believe that students matter and that they are not the “church of the future”. . . they are the “church of the now.” Every Sunday morning our middle and high schoolers join us for the worship service. Sunday evenings from 6pm-8pm, however, are just for them! Each week our ecyg  (engage church youth group) gets together to hang out with each other and our leaders where the Bible is taught in a creative and relevant way.

It is our goal to engage your students with love, great leaders, and lots of fun! We want your kids to see how God fits into their lives, to learn how to talk to him, and to build friendships that will last. We would love to see you and your family visit our student ministry this Sunday. Join the fun and experience a world where students meet Jesus on their level! For questions about when and where we meet, email our Youth Pastor, Jair Tapia, at 

First time here?

Middle School

Middle school can be such a critical time of transition for a student. Whether it’s choosing the right friends, doing well in school or building good habits that will set them up for success, Engage is a place where your student can come and learn biblical truths that they will be able to apply to their life immediately. Also, they will have the opportunity to make new friends and begin life-long relationships that will support them and encourage them in their walk with Christ.

High School

As a student enters high school, their success could be determined by the friends they have around them. At Engage, we encourage high school students to build Christ-centered relationships that will help them in the toughest of times. In addition, we encourage these students to serve with their friends and take ownership in all that God wants to do in our community and world.

Young Adults

The Engage Young Adults ministry is a community of college and post-college age people seeking to make a difference by leading people to find and follow Jesus. We want to give young adults the opportunity to make and develop friendships with people their age during growth group studies and monthly fun activities.